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Contact pages are a great place to allow people to get in touch with you about your show, or anything else pertinent.

Included at no extra cost in your Podcast Websites website package is the superb Gravity Forms plugin which allows you to create highly customized contact forms for your website visitors to use. There's an example of a form below and you can edit this form or create a new one to suit your needs using:

Dashboard > Design > Forms

Adding a form to a page or a post within your website is really easy too, with all of the following being available in your website dashboard:

  1. Create your forms.
  2. Create a new page / new blog post or edit an existing one.
  3. From the editor, simply click "Add Form" to add your form.
  4. Publish or update your post as usual.

Next steps: Edit this contact page to provide a contact page to your visitors that suits your website.

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